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See who else is hereHow come he's in class with you?

Situation: Pavla arrives late for the game of billiards because Tomas had an epileptic seizure in the class

Ali: Iíve played twice for you already!

Pavla: So what? I got stuck at school. Tomas had a seizure and there was nobody to help him but me.

Olga: Tomas? Who do you mean?

Ali: The moron in class with Pavla.

Pavla: Why moron, you moron? He's just sick. I told you that heís got epilepsy.

Ali: But you said he's kind of retarded.

Pavla: Well, yes, but that has nothing to do with the fits he has.

Olga: He's in class with you? I thought you go to a school for normal kids!

Pavla: (scornfully turning her eyes to heaven) And where do you think he should go? Would you put him to some kind of institution for the retarded or what?

Olga: Well, I don't have a clue. Maybe not an institution but some kind of special school. It would do be better for him, don't you think? He wouldn't slow you down.

Pavla: Slow us down? He does the same things as we do. Only sometimes he gets a different task than the rest of us, or the teacher gives him more time when we have a test.

Olga: You mean that he gets marked the same way as you, even though he gets more time for a test? That's totally unfair!

Pavla: He doesnít get marks. The teacher writes some kind of commentaries.

Olga: How is it possible?

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