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Jozo Tim Suong Pavla
See who else is hereWho beat you up?

Jožo: Hey Tim, what’s that under your eye?

Tim: You can see for yourself, can’t you?

Jožo: It’s a beauty! Where’d you pick it up?

Suong: You got into a fight, didn’t you?

Tim: Not a fight exactly, I just stood there and got punched. I was walking along the street with a friend from Holland and this bunch of guys jumped us.

Pavla: Just like that? You were minding your own business and they just jumped you? That’s not possible, is it?

Tim: It is possible, especially if you’re black.

Pavla: Yeah, but you don’t look very black to me. Although right now, with that shiner …

Tim: Ha ha. I’m not black, but my friend is from Antilles.

Jožo: Antilles ….?

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