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Jami Magda Pavla
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The gang is sitting in a club celebrating Magda’s birthday. The doors are open and Magda’s mum comes in holding a package.

Magda’s Mum: Howdy kids. So how’s it going, are you partying on down?

Everyone nods contentedly.

Magda’s Mum: I’ve brought you something. Some tasty sandwiches with potato salad and ham. Go on, have some!

She opens the package. Everyone makes a grab for the sandwiches, apart from Jami.

Mum: Have one too. It’s real Czech fare.

Jami: No thanks.

Magda’s Mum: Oh go on, you’ve got to try these sandwiches, they’re delicious.

Jami: I’d like to, but I can’t eat pork.

Magda’s Mum: Oh go on, nothing’ll happen to you! Take one, they’re really tasty.

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