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Magda Olga Jozo
See who else is hereYou’re Russian, aren’t you?

Waitress: What would you like, girls?

Olga: I’ll have, uh, a cup of tea please

Waitress: Are you from Russia? You’ve got something of an accent...

Olga: No, from the Ukraine.

Waitress: Well, same thing...leaves.

Olga: It really does my head in, the way everyone thinks that Russia and the Ukraine are the same thing. And even better, people start accusing me of being the occupier, telling me to get back to Russia. Classic.

Magda: I never see any difference, how should I recognise it?

Olga: I don’t know if you’d recognise it when I speak Czech, but for us it’s important, there are so many differences. The Ukraine has a completely different language, a different culture, a different history.

Magda: Nobody ever taught us that. We just know Russian authors. Hey, here’s Jožo.

Jožo: Hi girls, what’s up?

Magda: Listen, make your order in Slovak...

Jožo: Yeah, alright....

Waitress: What would you like?

Jožo: Môzes mi prinest maté?

Waitress: Wow, you’re Slovak?

Jožo: You bet.

Waitress: That’s so cool.

Olga: So now you know. When they see I’m Ukrainian, everyone looks down their noses at me, but they wet their knickers over Slovaks.

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