Subject matrix

BilingualismFather tongue
Jožo speaks Czech and Slovak
Czech-German relationsOpen graves
The Czech Republic and multiculturalismMulti who?
Czech as a foreign language *new*Jožo has sometimes troubles
Generalisation in communication and prejudicesGypsies, slit-eyes, terrorists
GlobalisationWe are hungry
SayingsDo you live with a black?
Where do refugees come from *new*How did we find ourselves in the CR?
Where do foreigners come from *new*I still can’t imagine it ….
Christianity in the Czech RepublicOld mobiles are like bricks
I can’t go to football on Sunday
Racism and racial prejudiceThese blacks ....
Girls go for black guys…
Cultural identity *new*Who are you?
Marriage and family in IslamWill you marry me? Not a hope!
Culture and cultural differencesLudo
You’re late again
Exchange, ugh
Nothing’s Czech here
Religious traditions and the presentAfter Ramadan ends I’m going on a binge
I can’t go to football on Sunday
Hate violence IWho beat you up?
The residency of foreigners and their integration into the Czech Republic *new*You need a visa for the festival
The rights of national minorities and the teaching of foreign languages in the Czech Republic *new*So who exactly are you then?
Manifestations of domestic violence in different cultural environmentsEqual rights and violence
Hate violence IIHave they caught them yet?
State integration programme *new*You have a nice flat
Stereotypes and prejudicesBlondes are dumb, four-eyed swots
Refugee campsWhat life is like in a camp
XenophobiaMy Mum would kill me!
DiscriminationThey just stuck me in the kitchen....
The question of time and relationships between generations – a reflectionIt can sometimes be difficult with parents ...
Intercultural communicationIt didn’t work out with the buns
Mass media and the representation of foreigners and minoritiesRoma people steal
RomaniYou really speak Romani at home?
Myths and stereotypes about Roma peopleWhere shall we go swimming?
You’re not allowed to use the word gypsy, are you?
Integration and assimilationHave a sandwich!
Ukrainians in (and outside) the Czech RepublicYou’re Russian, aren’t you?
NationalityMaybe dad was a Russian
Foreigners on the jobs market in the Czech Republic *new*It's hard to find a job
Religious IdentityLike a double agent
New Religious MovementsHealing with Stones
Religious ExperienceHow to Make a Mandala
Czechs and JewsA Visit to the Jewish Museum
The Public Space versus Racist and Neo-Nazi GroupsShould We Invite Vacín?
Excluded LocalitiesYou Don’t Have to Move?
Citizenship and Multicultural EducationHave your parents done their homework
Inclusive education: Who, what, how and why?The teacher told me I was stupid
How come he's in class with you?
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